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There are hundreds of cybersecurity companies telling their users what to worry about. GreyNoise is the only cybersecurity company telling users what not to worry about.

GreyNoise is an early-stage cybersecurity product company trusted by security teams all over the world. Our thousands of free users and dozens of enterprise customers use our products to:

  • Understand the Internet
  • Reduce drag in the Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Provide insights on opportunistic threats

Every day any given SOC has hundreds or thousands of alerts to investigate. GreyNoise takes a data-driven approach to making the SOC team more efficient from within the products they are already using. (https://developer.greynoise.io/docs/3rd-party-integrations)

We operate a large network of passive collector sensors in hundreds of data centers geographically distributed all around the world. These sensors collect and analyze “Internet Background Noise” which is converted into useful insights and made accessible to our web interface and integrations.

In other words, GreyNoise is like noise canceling headphones for security teams; we tell our customers what not to worry about by eliminating pointless alerts generated by devices all around the Internet. (https://greynoise.io/query/?gnql=last_seen%3A1d)

We won’t stop until GreyNoise is a ubiquitous name in the security community.

What You Will Do:

  • Set, track, and be held accountable for sales account targets
  • Suggest and implement actions to improve sales performance and grow our pipeline
  • Actively seek out new sales opportunities through product use, networking and social media
  • Listen, learn and understand customers’ issues, and facilitate meaningful solutions in a timely manner
  • Report on the status of accounts and transactions
  • Gather feedback from customers or prospects and share with internal teams
  • Collaborate with other cross-functional teams (product, sales, biz ops, etc.) to drive critical strategic projects
  • Participate on behalf of the company in exhibitions or conferences

A Few of Our Sales Principles

  • Pricing models need to be simple and transparent
  • A mediocre deal is usually better than no deal
  • It's important to acquire as many enterprise customers as humanly possible. We can optimize for revenue maximization later
  • It's okay to leave money on the table in the short-term. This allows us to 'borrow' from the future.
  • Security practitioners absolutely hate being 'sold' to and 'marketed' to
  • Regular, clinical reviews are necessary for each potential customer that we fail to capture as a paying customer

What You Should Bring:

  • A culture-first, team-first attitude to everything you do.
  • B2B / enterprise SaaS sales experience
  • Experience in a high-velocity SaaS environment
  • Understanding of sales performance metrics and KPIs
  • Exceptional work ethic and the ability to balance both long-term projects and day-to-day responsibilities
  • Fast learner with a passion for sales and care for customers
  • Knowledge of CRM software and sales tools
  • Strong storytelling capabilities

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience selling to security professionals, security teams and the broader cybersecurity industry


  • Equity in a high-growth, seed stage startup
  • Remote-first culture
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Medical, Dental, Life, Vision Insurance
  • 401k program
  • Equipment budget
  • Learning and development budget
  • Great swag that you actually want to wear

GreyNoise Culture

The hallmark of any great company is a palpable and viscous culture. The most important pillars of our culture are as follows:

  • Be transparent
  • Empathize deeply with the customer
  • Pain can teach us everything
  • Be clinical
  • Be honest about the good and the bad
  • Compromise is good and necessary
  • Identify what matters, ignore everything else
  • Be scrappy
  • No such thing as a million dollar idea, only million dollar execution
  • Be better than the day before

Our (work-in-progress) longform culture document: https://greynoise.io/principles


Any security product that is a “black box” that asks you to blindly trust it should raise red flags - we believe the same is true of your place of work. We obviously think GreyNoise is doing something unique, but don’t take our word for it - ask any of our over 50 enterprise customers, investors (https://tcrn.ch/3sccCq2), thousands of happy users (https://bit.ly/3sqGgbt), or dozens of journalists (https://rb.gy/r6ooti) who have cited GreyNoise over the past few years.

Why You Should Work at GreyNoise

  • You enjoy identifying and solving hard problems
  • You are comfortable taking an idea from concept to customer
  • You are open to both explaining your stance and questioning others in a clinical, open-minded, and respectful manner
  • You want to directly impact users
  • You want to grow beyond your current skill set

Why you shouldn’t work at GreyNoise

  • You need well defined processes and responsibilities
  • You prefer solving problems on your own instead of with a team
  • You like knowing exactly what to expect day-to-day
  • You don’t want to get your hands dirty
  • You want to be the smartest person in the room