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of all infection vectors in 2021 were categorized as
mass exploitation
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Internet noise consists of scans and attacks from thousands of unique IP addresses per day, resulting in thousands of events for security teams to analyze. At best, internet noise is distracting, and at worst, malicious.

At GreyNoise, we’ve found that internet noise is responsible for 38% of security alerts seen by our customers and prospects on average, generating a tremendous volume of false positives and low-fidelity alerts that cost SOC teams time and productivity.

At the same time, internet-based attacks (a component of internet noise) are putting even more pressure on security teams with internet-based attacks surpassing phishing to take the #1 attack vector position globally. Today, companies have less time than ever to respond as they scramble to defend against mass exploitation attacks like Log4j.

Who we serve

Federal Systems Integrators

Federal Agencies

State & Local Agencies

Department of Defense & GreyNoise

GreyNoise is helping the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) identify and understand internet-wide scan and attack activity. This $30 million production contract will allow the GreyNoise platform to be purchased and utilized by all DoD organizations over a 5 year period.

"GreyNoise will enhance cyber threat detection and intelligence-gathering capabilities across the DoD and other branches of the US government, and enable security analysts to focus their valuable time and energy on legitimate threats."

Global sensor network to track internet noise

GreyNoise is trusted by the DoD, Civilian agencies, Fortune 500 enterprises, top security vendors and thousands of threat researchers. GreyNoise collects, analyzes and labels data on noisy IP addresses that scan and attack the entire internet, saturating security teams with alerts. We have thousands of sensors collecting scan & attack traffic with sophisticated tagging of data and we are built for scale with billions of events per day being processed.

Increase analyst capacity with GreyNoise Automate

25–30% reduction of alert volumes

Filter out noisy alerts

Automatically de-prioritize noisy alerts in your SIEM
Automate workflows and prioritize incident response in your SOAR
Filter out false positives in your TIP or threat intelligence repository
Automatically suppress noisy alerts
Accelerate research and investigations

Accelerate research and investigations

Lookup an IP to understand whether it is malicious or benign
Get detailed context on IP behavior and intent
Quickly analyze a file or list of IPs to identify the noise
Query the GreyNoise data for complex criteria

Quickly identify and respond to emerging threats with GreyNoise Investigate

20% improvement in analyst capacity

Triage alerts based on malicious, benign, or targeted classifications

Identify IPs of opportunistic “scan-and-exploit” attackers
Identify IPs of benign scanners and harmless business services
Identify IPs of non-scanners that might be targeted attacks
Prioritize malicious, harmless, and potentially targeted IPs in a list or log
Quickly triage alerts
Identify trending internet attacks

Identify trending internet attacks targeting specific vulnerabilities and CVEs

Identify unique IPs scanning for a specific CVE, vulnerability, or exploit
Classify IPs scanning for a vulnerability based on intent (benign vs. malicious)
View scan and attack activity for a vulnerability over time
View key events in the exploit timeline, like “CVE released,” “Patch released”

React quickly to trending attacks

Download IP addresses of malicious and benign scanners participating in the attack
Block scanners at your perimeter to stop further compromises
Hunt for compromised devices by searching logs for scanner and callback IPs
Analyze payloads and callback domains of opportunistic attackers
Give your team the info they need

GreyNoise partners with 100+ enterprise and federal customers

"GreyNoise has allowed us to reduce the volume of alerts that are triggered by 25%."
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"Our analysts are saving 8 hours a week each with GreyNoise."