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GreyNoise data helps healthcare organizations defend against mass exploitation attacks, improve security analyst efficiency, and increase SOC capacity.
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SOC teams are overwhelmed by mass exploitation attacks and alert storms

Cybersecurity threats to healthcare organizations and patient safety are real. Hospitals and life sciences organizations are highly targeted by cyber threat actors because they possess so much high-value information, including patient health records, financial information, and intellectual property. But defending against cyber threats is incredibly challenging in healthcare’s turbulent environment of pandemic response, complicated regulation, digital transformation, and vulnerable medical devices. In particular:

  • Security teams are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of security events being generated by threat detection and response systems, with every alert, incident, and threat hunt requiring manual research and investigation. 
  • Mass exploitation attacks create chaos for security teams already stretched to the breaking point. When a new vulnerability is disclosed, or when attackers target notoriously insecure IoT devices across the healthcare environment, mass exploitation attacks can start within hours. Depending on the severity of the vulnerability, these attacks can require emergency patching, attack mitigation, and threat hunting on top of everyone’s “day job.”
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The GreyNoise Solution

Using a global network of passive sensors, GreyNoise collects, analyzes, and labels data on IPs that scan and attack the internet, saturating security tools with noise. GreyNoise data provides security teams with an early warning system for mass exploitation attacks on the internet, real-time IP block lists they can use to defend themselves, and context to quickly eliminate noisy alerts.

SOC efficiency

GreyNoise helps SOC analysts and incident responders investigate and triage security alerts more quickly and effectively by separating targeted activity from irrelevant or harmless background noise. 

And for security engineering teams building correlation rules and automation in SIEM and SOAR, GreyNoise data can be used to automatically de-prioritize and suppress noisy alerts. One GreyNoise customer reduced Splunk alerts by 25%.

Vulnerability intelligence

GreyNoise provides an early warning system to identify when a vulnerability is being mass exploited at scale in the wild. This information is a critical data point for patch prioritization, as well as knowing when to “break the glass” and trigger emergency patching protocols. 

During a mass exploitation attack, security teams are typically scrambling to fix the vulnerability, block ongoing attacks, and find early signs of compromise. GreyNoise provides dynamic IP blocklists, curated by CVE, that allow organizations to defend themselves during the early "window of exposure" from these attacks...and to hunt for known attacker IPs.

Threat hunting insights and productivity

GreyNoise helps threat hunters and intelligence analysts by providing visibility and deep context into mass scanning IP addresses that form the early-stage attack infrastructure for many of today’s most dangerous cyber threats.

”GreyNoise helps us prioritize which IPs we should be most concerned about and research on our network.”

– Threat Detection Engineer, Leading American healthcare provider

GreyNoise is used by SOC teams, cyber threat intelligence analysts, and security researchers at some of the world’s leading healthcare and pharmaceutical firms.