Spoiler Alert: It’s a lot…

SOC teams have struggled with false positive alerts since, well, the beginning of security centers. There are a lot of studies (by security vendors) on how much time SOC analysts spend on false positive alerts. Unfortunately, we are not IPO rich (yet) - so we didn’t conduct our own study - but we did take the average from a few (1, 2, 3) reports. According to our sources, a single analyst wastes an average of 8.4 hours per week triaging false positive alerts.* 

GreyNoise can help SOC teams reduce false positives by providing context to the alerts on internet-wide scanners, crawlers, and other suspicious activity that may trigger false alarms. How many times have you got an alert that turns out to be [insert security company] just scanning the internet?

Pictured: A security analyst, presumably, after discovering the alert they just got was actually GoogleBot.


By integrating GreyNoise into your alerting workflow, your team can eliminate background noise and focus on the most actionable and relevant alerts.

So what can you do with ~8+ hours of your life back each week?

  1. Make this delicious Lemon cheesecake recipe
  2. Knit this Lace shawl
  3. Hike the Inca Trail of Machu Picchu
  4. Build a coffee table
  5. Run a 50m (ultra?)marathon 
  6. Go Scuba diving, twice
  7. Tour the entire country of Monaco
  8. Listen to the longest continuous orchestral piece in history 
  9. Watch the first three of the Fast and Furious movies
  10. Give yourself an NFC manicure 

By using GreyNoise to filter out benign internet scanners, SOC teams can improve decision-making, reduce alert fatigue, and enable teams to focus their time and resources on genuine threats. Start exploring our data today.

*Yes, we know that the actual time spent varies based on the size of the security team and organization.

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