MSSP & MDR Solution
Unlock cost savings and enhance protection for your customers with GreyNoise MSSP & MDR Solution. 

Transform your offerings with a threat intelligence tool that pays for itself.

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Trigger 25% fewer alerts across your SOC.

Avoid hiring additional personnel to manage alert overload.

Focus analyst time on triaging real threats.
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Reduce customer escalations & missed threats.

Expand your customer base without expanding headcount.

Grow without compromising service, accuracy, or speed.
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Empower your team with rich IP context & explainability.

Know about malicious IPs days ahead of other vendors.

Gain real-time visibility on emerging vulnerabilities.
“Any single analyst can handle, say, 20 alerts per day. But a product like GreyNoise can triage alerts for every one of our customers. So as we add more customers, GreyNoise scales in a way a person can’t.”
Learn how Hurricane Labs reduces noisy alerts and drives scalability by leveraging GreyNoise’s data in their Splunk ES and Phantom environments.
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Unique data & powerful brand trusted by hundreds of customers among the world’s best.

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“We found that a significant portion of security alerts (~25 percent) were going to a ‘noisy’ IP was clear that the context GreyNoise provided would have accelerated our investigative process.”
Learn how Expel, a leading MDR service, evaluated GreyNoise across various use cases and ultimately integrated GreyNoise to drive efficiency in their SOC.
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Why GreyNoise?

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1,000+ tags, or detections, to identify actors, tools, behaviors, CVEs, and more.

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3,100+ sensors monitoring and detecting scan and attack traffic across 200+ countries.

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Report on vulnerability exploitation ahead of CISA 60% of the time.

“We used to take 15 - 45 minutes to investigate each event. We receive a lot of events daily. That is time we now save with GreyNoise, per event and it adds up very quickly to help justify any expense.”
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