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Ivanti's Security Revamp, Dodging the XZ Bullet & D-Link's NAS Crisis

In this episode of Storm⚡Watch, we start by discussing Ivanti's CEO Jeff Abbott's pledge for a comprehensive security overhaul following a series of breaches linked to vulnerabilities, including CVE-2024-21894. We also explore Andres Freund's accidental heroism in uncovering a backdoor in Linux software, and delve into the vulnerability of D-Link NAS devices to remote code execution.

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Welcome to Storm⚡️Watch, a weekly podcast and livestream that digs deep into various cybersecurity topics and internet exploitation trends. Our goal is simple: to deliver insightful analyses, thought-provoking perspectives, timely updates and the occasional hot-take on the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Meet the Team

Headshot of boB Rudis

Bob Rudis

Bob Rudis brings 30 years of data defense expertise to his role as VP of Data Science at GreyNoise Intelligence, focusing on internet threat research. Formerly at Rapid7 and Verizon, he authored the Data Breach Investigations Report. Bob is a prolific online voice via Twitter (@hrbrmstr), his blog (, and contributions to the open-source realm, and has authored works on data security.

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Glenn Thorpe

Glenn Thorpe, Sr. Director of Security Research at GreyNoise, began his 20+ year cybersecurity journey after a phishing scam sparked his passion. An expert in digital forensics and incident response, he consults on high-priority threats. Away from the office, he’s a weather enthusiast and avid shark diver.

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Kimber Duke

As a Product Manager working for Greynoise Intelligence, Kimber's security interests range from emerging threats to network defense engineering, with the addition of embedded systems and ancient RFCs in between.

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Emily Austin

Emily helms the security research at Censys, analyzing threats and Internet trends. With a background in threat hunting and incident response, she applies data science to tackle security challenges, having expertise in anti-abuse and fraud detection.

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