GreyNoise at HushCon

New York City

GreyNoise Visits New York!

The GreyNoise team will be in NYC June 8th - 10th. We will be attending and hosting a happy hour event at HushCon 2023 June 9th-10th as well. Whether you are going to the conference or not we would love to meet-up. Fill out the form to let us know what times work best for you or if you have any questions.

About HushCon

HushCon is Seattle and New York's community oriented security and hacking conference - though that's not their only focus, simply their background. The goal of HushCon is to get smart people together and talk about variety of interesting topics. Exclusivity isn't the goal, but it is their firewall - HushCon is an invite-only event.

Didn't receive an invite? You need to get out more. Seriously, a little socializing goes a long way these days. HushCon is designed for everyone to be both an attendee as well as a presenter, it's an invite only event for a reason. We want YOU here, as well as those you feel would mutually benefit our scene.

Learn more about HushCon here.

Let's Meet-Up in NYC

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