Why Operationalizing Threat Intelligence is So Hard

Bob Rudis: VP, Data Science - GreyNoise Intelligence

Dave Ahn: Chief Architect, VP - Centripetal

Jess Parnell: VP, Security Operations - Centripetal

Brad LaPorte: Advisor - Lionfish Tech Advisors

Adversaries continue to harness automation building increasingly sophisticated tactics, knowing that organizations' defenses are often fragmented and mired in manual, reactive analysis. Threat intelligence has long been positioned as the solution to change these dynamics by finding and stopping more threats.

Unfortunately, over the years, threat intelligence has simply not delivered on this promise. There are too many intelligence feeds to manage, the quality, relevance and context is poor, and the data is not timely enough to make a true impact when it comes to actually preventing threats. In the wake of this failure, security teams, already stretched thin, are overwhelmed by the barrage of alerts that is drowning them daily and continue to play catch up with the automated attacker.

Despite these challenges, we continue to believe in the promise of threat intelligence. Join us for this panel discussion where experts from GreyNoise Intelligence, LionFish Tech Advisors and Centripetal, guide you through why threat intelligence continues to matter:

  • Challenges to making it useful
  • Requirements to make it more actionable
  • Ways in which you can improve your applications and outcomes of threat intelligence today

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