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Confidently ignore irrelevant or harmless activity

Swimlane's SOAR solutionuses security orchestration to replace slow, manual threat response workflows with machine-speed decision making and remediation.

Use GreyNoise to confidently ignore irrelevant or harmless activity, creating more time to uncover and investigate true threats. Includes tasks to allow IP enrichment and GNQL queries via the GreyNoise v2 API.

  • Lookup IP in GreyNoise v2 Quick API
  • Lookup IP in GreyNoise v2 Context API
  • Lookup IP in GreyNoise v2 RIOT API
  • Perform a GreyNoise Query (GNQL)
  • Lookup GreyNoise Tag Details
  • Get a list of all GreyNoise Tags
  • Lookup IP in GreyNoise Community API