GreyNoise Intelligence Acquires Krit to Uplevel Product Design and Development Capabilities

GreyNoise Intelligence, the cyber security company analyzing internet scanning traffic to separate threats from background noise, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Krit and its elite product design and development teams. Having collaborated successfully for many years, the team at Krit will now focus on accelerating delivery of future enhancements to the flagship products in GreyNoise’s cybersecurity suite.

“Finding the right kind of talent to produce high quality, strategic design is difficult, especially on a complex, data-heavy product like ours,” said Andrew Morris, Founder and CEO, GreyNoise. “Throughout our long-standing collaboration with Krit, we’ve been impressed with how well their team grasped our objectives and quickly translated them into a fantastic user experience for our customers. From the very first mock-up they showed us, we knew that they had the technical knowledge and skill to deliver exactly what we needed. With this acquisition, we are ensuring that we can continue to elevate our product design and make the user experience we deliver a competitive advantage.. This investment will further empower our customers with the tools they need to understand and defend against emerging cyber threats.”

Using a global network of passive sensors, GreyNoise collects, analyzes, and labels data on IPs that scan and attack the internet, saturating security tools with noise. GreyNoise data provides security teams with an early warning system for mass exploitation attacks on the internet, real-time IP block lists they can use to defend themselves, and context to quickly eliminate noisy alerts.

Krit’s design work has been driving a positive impact for GreyNoise’s community of more than 27,000 security analysts for the past four years. As part of this acquisition, Krit’s team of technical designers and developers will join GreyNoise’s rapidly expanding product team. “After four years of working closely together, we’re thrilled to officially join the amazing team at GreyNoise,” said Andrew Askins, CEO, Krit. “In many ways, Krit and GreyNoise are a perfect match. Both teams care deeply about our people, and place a high value on user experience and beautiful design. GreyNoise has the potential over the next few years to radically change the way companies secure the perimeter of their networks, and we are proud to contribute to this effort.”

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GreyNoise is THE source for understanding internet noise. We collect, analyze and label data on IPs that saturate security tools with noise. This unique perspective helps analysts waste less time on irrelevant or harmless activity, and spend more time focused on targeted and emerging threats. GreyNoise is trusted by Global 2000 enterprises, government organizations, top security vendors and tens of thousands of threat researchers. For more information, please visit, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.