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Forecast = Expect a stormy week ahead in the cyber world, with high chances of CWE showers.

In this episode of Storm⚡️Watch, we're diving deep into the cyber world with a lineup of intriguing topics and expert insights.

The spotlight of this episode shines on the 2024 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, a comprehensive analysis that sheds light on the evolving landscape of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. We'll quiz Glenn on the key findings of the report, discussing the significant increase in vulnerability exploitation as an initial access point, which nearly tripled in 2023. This segment will delve into the implications of these findings for organizations and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.

Our Cyber Spotlight segment will explore the impact of a recent solar storm on precision farming, highlighting how geomagnetic disturbances knocked out tractor GPS systems during a critical planting season. We'll discuss the broader implications of solar storms on GPS-dependent technologies and the steps industries can take to mitigate these risks. Additionally, we'll touch on the threats to precision agriculture in the U.S., including the warning about using Chinese-made drones in farming operations.

In Tool Time, we introduce CISA's Vulnrichment, a tool designed to enrich vulnerability management processes. This segment will provide insights into how Vulnrichment can aid organizations in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities more effectively.

Our Shameless Self-Promotion segment will feature exciting updates from Censys & GreyNoise, including an upcoming report and webcast on AI for cybersecurity, and a recap of the NetNoiseCon event. We'll also drop a link to the "Year of the Vuln" as highlighted in the 2024 Verizon DBIR, a post which offers our take on surviving this challenging period.

To wrap up, we'll discuss the latest trends in cyber threats and active campaigns, providing listeners and viewers with a comprehensive overview of the current cyber threat landscape.

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