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Forecast = Melting data centers and liquified cables causing massive internet outages across the northeast will cause a much-needed reduction in cybercrime.

In this episode of Storm⚡️Watch, we cover the latest updates from the cyber world, starting with the intriguing news that Microsoft has decided to recall its controversial Windows Recall feature. Initially set to launch with Copilot+ PCs, the feature faced significant backlash due to privacy concerns, leading Microsoft to delay its release indefinitely.

Next, we explore the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence in our Cyberside Chat segment. We discuss Apple's ambitious AI initiatives, including their custom-built AI servers and the Private Cloud Compute system designed to enhance AI processing while maintaining user privacy. Tim Cook's recent interviews shed light on Apple's commitment to privacy and the challenges of preventing AI hallucinations, a topic that has garnered much attention.

Our Cyber Spotlight segment takes a deep dive into CVE-2024-4577, a critical remote code execution vulnerability in PHP. We analyze the implications of this vulnerability and provide insights into how organizations can protect themselves.

In Tool Time, we introduce FingerProxy, a new Golang library and HTTPS reverse proxy that creates JA3 + JA4 + Akamai HTTP2 fingerprints, and forwards to backend via HTTP request headers.

We also cover the latest trends in cyber threats and active campaigns in our Tag Roundup, providing a comprehensive overview of the current threat landscape. This includes recent backdoor attempts on various devices, highlighting the importance of staying vigilant and proactive in cybersecurity.

Finally, we wrap up the episode with our KEV Roundup, discussing the latest known exploited vulnerabilities cataloged by CISA and their impact on the cybersecurity community.

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