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Forecast = Expect Rogue VM Squalls And Intermittent Atmospheric DNS Instability.

In this episode Storm⚡️Watch, we dive into the turbulent world of cybersecurity, focusing on the latest threats and vulnerabilities shaking the digital landscape. Expect rogue VM squalls and intermittent atmospheric DNS instability as we dissect the complexities of these cyber phenomena.

We kick off with our usual intros and a roundtable discussion, posing the thought-provoking question: "What's a belief you held as a child that you had to unlearn as you grew older?" This sets the stage for a reflective and engaging conversation among our hosts.

Our first deep dive is into the mysterious C root-server outage, exploring the persistent issue that "It's Always DNS." Despite the fix, the cause remains unclear, leaving the internet's stability in a precarious state. We reference detailed analyses from Ars Technica and root-servers.org to unpack this enigma.

Next, we shine a spotlight on the alarming rise of rogue virtual machines (VMs) in cyber intrusions, particularly focusing on MITRE's recent experiences. We discuss how threat actors have been abusing VMware environments to infiltrate defenses, as detailed in several insightful articles from MITRE Engenuity and other sources. This segment underscores the critical need for robust VM management and security practices.

In our Tool Time segment, we introduce the MITRE Threat Report ATT&CK Mapper (TRAM), a powerful tool designed to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. We guide listeners through its features and practical applications, emphasizing its role in fortifying cybersecurity defenses.

We take a moment for some shameless self-promotion, highlighting Censys's NextGen Mirth Connect and GreyNoise's upcoming webinar on AI for cybersecurity. These initiatives showcase the cutting-edge work being done to advance cyber defense technologies.

Our tag roundup segment provides a snapshot of recent trends and active campaigns in the cybersecurity landscape, using GreyNoise's visualization tools to offer a clear and concise overview of the current threat environment.

We wrap up with a KEV roundup, summarizing the latest updates from the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog by CISA. This segment ensures our listeners are well-informed about the most pressing vulnerabilities and the necessary steps to mitigate them.

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