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Forecast = Partly Sunny With A Chance Of Catastrophic Haboobs

In this episode of Storm⚡️Watch, we open with a critical discussion on the NSA's recent tracking of Chinese groups targeting Ivanti kit within the defense sector, as reported by TechCrunch. We also feature an in-depth analysis of JFrog's investigation into malicious AI/ML models on Huggingface, highlighting the silent backdoors that pose a threat to data scientists. We delve into the White House's "Back to the Building Blocks" technical report, shedding light on the administration's approach to cybersecurity.

The conversation then shifts to the startling revelations of MQTT-based 3D printer hacks, specifically targeting Anycubic printers, as uncovered by Bitdefender. This segment underscores the importance of security in the rapidly growing field of 3D printing. We also explore the latest trends and active campaigns in cybersecurity, utilizing resources like GreyNoise's visualization tools and CISA's known exploited vulnerabilities catalog.

Our episode concludes with a roundup of the most recent KEV updates and a discussion on the new submission form for actively exploited vulnerabilities, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to enhance cybersecurity response and reporting.

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