During BlackHat 2021, security researcher Orange Tsai demonstrated a proof-of-concept exploit for Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, including a Pre-auth Path Confusion leading to Access-Control List (ACL) bypass (tracked as CVE-2021-34473, also called ProxyShell). Since Tsai’s talk, multiple researchers have published write-ups about the vulnerabilities [1, 2]. GreyNoise had not observed any mass scanning activity until Aug. 9, and has seen a significant uptick in scanning as of Thursday, Aug. 12. GreyNoise has created two tags to track activity related to these vulnerabilities.

Figure 1: ProxyShell activity as seen by GreyNoise over time

Exchange ProxyShell Vuln Check: The vulnerability check for CVE-2021-34473 has several public variations. These include checking for access to /mapi/nspi which results in exposure of potentially sensitive information such as Version, User, UPN, SID, and Organization. Out of caution, GreyNoise tags this as malicious intent despite being a Vuln Check. [View In GreyNoise]

Exchange ProxyShell Vuln Attempt: Active attempts that leverage and chain the Pre-Auth Path Confusion for further exploitation through Elevation of Privilege on Exchange PowerShell Backend (CVE-2021-34523) or Post-auth Arbitrary-File-Write leading to remote code execution (CVE-2021-31207) are included in this tag. [View In GreyNoise]

Editor's Note: If either of these tags, or any tags for that matter, return "no results," this means that we have not observed any recent activity. You can be notified if this changes by using our Alerts feature.

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