During our latest webinar Proactive Defense Made Easy: Leveraging GreyNoise in Your SOAR Playbooks, we discussed some everyday use cases using GreyNoise with other SOAR platforms. The main goal of using GreyNoise with other SOAR platforms is to quickly identify either opportunistic attacks, get better insight into how infrastructure is being used, as well as enriching alerts using RIOT data to IP's associated with common business services.

Using GreyNoise to identify opportunistic scanning provides context to decisions in a SOAR playbook to either decide to investigate further or more quickly move to block IP's. Adding the checks into an investigation playbook provides data on scan activity and any vulnerabilities observed as being exploited.

A Tines story that uses GreyNoise as the first step to decide additional investigations needed.

RIOT data also provides quick data for an investigation. Many services integrated into an investigation playbook will provide details for when something is malicious but often don't provide details on known or known good services. Everyone wants the confidence to take action with their automation but may not have the insight needed. Additionally, no one wants to be wrong about this decision. RIOT adds this information to a playbook to assist with decision-making.

Phishing email in XSOAR identifying office 365 emails using RIOT data.

GreyNoise can be used in common SOAR use cases to provide better context to phishing playbooks and investigations and have more confidence to block IP's. The power of GreyNoise, alongside other intelligence tools like Recorded Future, VirusTotal, Tines, and Splunk, is nothing short of astonishing(see our full list of integrations). I hope the insights shared during the webinar inspired you to explore these tools further and optimize your cybersecurity investigations. Sign in/up for GreyNoise to explore our data for free.

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