2023-08-16 Update:

GreyNoise observed a significant spike in attacker activity the day CISA added CVE-2023-24489 to their Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog:

time-series chart of elevated activity

Citrix ShareFile, a popular cloud-based file-sharing application, has recently been found to have a critical vulnerability, CVE-2023-24489, which allows unauthenticated arbitrary file upload and remote code execution (RCE). In this blog post, we will discuss the details of this vulnerability, how attackers can exploit it, and how you can protect your organization from potential attacks.

GreyNoise now has a tag for CVE-2023-24489, allowing us to track exploit activity related to this vulnerability. If you use Citrix ShareFile, make sure to apply the latest security updates as soon as possible to patch this critical RCE flaw.

What is CVE-2023-24489?

CVE-2023-24489 is a cryptographic bug in Citrix ShareFile’s Storage Zones Controller, a .NET web application running under IIS. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to upload arbitrary files, leading to remote code execution. The vulnerability has been assigned a CVSS score of 9.8, indicating its critical severity.

How are attackers exploiting CVE-2023-24489?

Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by taking advantage of errors in ShareFile’s handling of cryptographic operations. The application uses AES encryption with CBC mode and PKCS7 padding but does not correctly validate decrypted data. This oversight allows attackers to generate valid padding and execute their attack, leading to unauthenticated arbitrary file upload and remote code execution.

Researchers at Assetnote dissected the vulnerability and published the first proof-of-concept (PoC) for this CVE. Other PoCs for this have been released on GitHub, increasing the likelihood of attackers leveraging this vulnerability in their attacks and further demonstrating the severity of the issue. 

As of the publishing timestamp of this post, GreyNoise has observed IPs attempting to exploit this vulnerability. Two have never seen GreyNoise before this activity:

chart of active exploitation activity

Protecting your organization from CVE-2023-24489

Citrix has released a security update addressing the ShareFile vulnerability. Users are advised to apply the update to protect their systems from potential attacks. The fixed version of the customer-managed ShareFile storage zones controller is ShareFile storage zones controller 5.11.24 and later versions. The latest version of ShareFile storage zones controller is available from the following location: https://www.citrix.com/downloads/sharefile/product-software/sharefile-storagezones-controller-511.html.

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