Discover the latest findings from GreyNoise Labs as we delve into a perma-vuln plaguing the D-Link DIR-859 router. In our newest blog post, "Perma-Vuln: D-Link DIR-859, CVE-2024-0769," we uncover the intricacies of CVE-2024-0769, a path traversal vulnerability affecting D-Link DIR-859 WiFi routers, leading to information disclosure.

The exploit's variations, including one observed in the wild by GreyNoise, enable the extraction of account details from the device. The product is End-of-Life, so it won't be patched, posing long-term exploitation risks. Multiple XML files can be invoked using the vulnerability.

Click here to see the details and interesting payload that Sift has identified.

This article is a summary of the full, in-depth version on the GreyNoise Labs blog.
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