It’s hard to remember to check on specific GreyNoise queries that you’re interested in Every.Single.Day. That’s why we created GreyNoise Alerts: a quick and easy way to set up automated queries and send you a daily report if there are results.

Use cases

Flexible alerting that supports GNQL

You can use our alerts to monitor a CIDR range (example:, or define complex alerts with GNQL syntax such as:

  • Activity related to a CVE or GreyNoise tag
  • Monitor by ASN or organization name
  • Track scans for unique web paths, JA3 fingerprints, or any IP attribute in GreyNoise

Using GreyNoise Alerts

Creating an alert is simple!  From the Alerts page , just type the query as you would in the search bar, add any emails you want to receive the report, give it a name and click “Save”. 

A screenshot of the form to create an alert in the GreyNoise visualizer.

When an alert is triggered we'll send an email summary with IPs matched to your query.


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