Have you ever wanted to know when exactly scanning for a Tag or vulnerability really started and how its behavior has changed? GreyNoise Trends shows you exactly that. With Trends you can see how many hits GreyNoise has seen across our sensor network for any of our Tags in both hourly and daily granularity.

Use cases

Details on individual Tags, such as Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) Crawler can be found by searching for and clicking on the Tag from our Tag List. This page additionally includes any timeline, associated CVE information, and resources that our team has found relevant.

A screenshot of the Tag Details chart on the GreyNoise Visualizer, which plots the volume of IPs over time.

And if you just want to know about what’s new, what’s weird, and what is changing on the internet, our Trends page shows Trending Tags, Anomalies, Most Active, and Most Recently added Tags.

A screenshot of the Trends page on the GreyNoise Visualizer, which shows trending GreyNoise tags.


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