GreyNoise is built on a strong foundation of mutual respect from our community. While we love doing swag drops on Twitter (or maybe Bluesky - anyone have an invite?), we wanted to recognize community members that go above and beyond. 

Enter the GreyNoise Ambassador Program! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our users' constant support, spirit of collaboration, and mentorship within our community. I’m here to answer all your burning questions about the program and how you can apply!

Who Is the Ideal Ambassador?

Ambassadors are pillars of the GreyNoise Community. This program celebrates their efforts to support community growth and accessibility, focusing on three key elements:

  • Collaboration: This is not only sharing information, detection, or memes with the team at GreyNoise but with each other! We all win when we share.
  • Mentorship: People who are helpful and educate their peers.
  • Transparency: This is a core GreyNoise belief that you can and should be honest whenever possible.

Ambassadors are folks who have dedicated time and resources to bettering GreyNoise, whether through continuous feedback, bug reports, integrations, conference talks, or they’re just deeply dedicated to reducing Internet Noise. 

Why Join the Ambassador Program?

If you are on the fence about being an ambassador, let us tell you about the perks you get: 

  • Premium swag (see below) 
  • 5 VIP passes to give out to your friends, in line with our VIP guidelines 
  • Early access testing for any new GreyNoise features and products (including the forthcoming GreyNoise honeypot) 
Swag sneak peek!

What Is Expected of Me As An Ambassador?

In exchange for being our Ambassador, we ask that you will do 1 or more of the following:

  • Lead a “How I Use GreyNoise” session (these can be pre-recorded or live & public)
  • Participate in a product feedback session
  • Write a guest blog
  • Speak at a GreyNoise event (In person or virtual!) 
  • Continue to spread the word about GreyNoise :) 

Your term as an Ambassador will last a year, and when Spring 2024 rolls around, you will be asked to reapply.

How Do I Apply?

If this all sounds good to you, we ask that you fill out this application. We will evaluate applications until the end of May and send notice to our Ambassadors in early June!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Community team.

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