You may have noticed that we have announced a couple of new relationships in the last several months with the US federal government. We announced our partnership with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of the US Department of Defense (DoD) to help optimize their investigations, and recently announced our partnership with In-Q-Tel (IQT). I wanted to talk a bit about what this means for GreyNoise and why we’re excited about it.

First, I’m very excited about cracking the nut of working with the defense and intelligence communities of the US federal government. We already work with a number of intelligence and defense agencies around the world, as we have mentioned in the past, but these new relationships really serve to validate the value of our solution. Specifically, DIU helps us provide our existing product to DoD customers more quickly, and IQT facilitates feedback and helps us fast-track features that solve customer problems, which will ultimately benefit all federal and non-federal customers.

Second, while we work closely with our commercial customers to ensure that we have prioritized their needs, we’ve found it can be harder to get these requirements from government agencies because of the nature of their programs. In other words, government customers are harder to solicit product feedback from due to the classified nature of their work. DIU and In-Q-Tel help to bridge that gap.

And finally, I wanted to finish with a note on our security and privacy policies. We passively collect and analyze a massive amount of internet scan traffic as part of our solution, but we will NEVER share user account and customer data or usage data with anyone outside of our organization. Our customers’ and users’ trust is extremely important to what we do, and we don’t want to compromise that trust in any way. It is common for corporate entities to defer announcement of government customers to reduce the risk of entangling themselves in complex geopolitical dynamics, but we felt strongly that we should publicly acknowledge our relationships. Transparency isn’t a bumper sticker to us; it’s a way of being, and a core value of the company.

The reality is that both government and commercial organizations are struggling with the same pressures and challenges in areas like alert fatigue and analyst investigative efficiency. These new partnerships with DIU and IQT will help make GreyNoise better for ALL of our users and customers.



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