What Makes GreyNoise The Most Innovative Security Solution?

Today at GreyNoise, we’re thrilled to announce our selection as the Most Innovative Security Solution of 2021, as recognized by the Tech Ascension Awards. The awards are starting to pile up at GreyNoise, and our team's excitement grows after repeated confirmation from analysts and customers. As the name of the award implies, this honor is granted to those proving themselves innovative in the tech community around specific criteria. GreyNoise was selected from a pool of more than 500 applicants for excellence in technology innovation, market research, and unique competitive differentiators.

Our CEO and Founder, Andrew Morris, welcomes the industry compliment: “…we are honored by all of this validation, as it shows that we are making progress toward our ultimate mission—to solve the problem of alert fatigue and information overload in the cybersecurity arena. Every day, we see a staggering number of internet scans barraging internet-facing computers and software, and generating massive volumes of security alerts. Some of this activity is malicious, but a significant amount is not, and it’s getting to the point where it’s tough for security analysts to discern real threats from background noise. GreyNoise enables security teams to focus on the threats that really matter, rather than wasting their time investigating insignificant alerts. This is the heart of what makes GreyNoise an innovative security solution: we sift the haystack so you can pay attention to the needles."

It’s Not Just Any Award

Because the Tech Ascension Awards are innovation-centered, best-in-class vendors that receive recognition solve critical industry challenges differently. “The proliferation of ransomware, nation-state threats, and an uptick in cybercriminal activity due to COVID-19 are just some of the factors that have made a strong cybersecurity defense paramount for every business that touches sensitive data,” said David Campbell, CEO of Tech Ascension Awards. “We’re honored to recognize these industry leaders that have demonstrated their ability to defend organizations with unique approaches, innovative technology, and world-class talent.”

Here are some of our most recent accolades:

  • Forbes Cybersecurity Awards 2020 named GreyNoise as “Most Intriguing Newcomer” for its ability to filter distracting background noise alerts from legitimate threats.
  • The CyberScoop 50 Awards shortlisted GreyNoise Founder and CEO Andrew Morris as “Most Inspiring Up and Comer,” a category that recognizes young leaders early in their careers who have done exceptional work and are on track to become the next generation of leaders in the cybersecurity industry.
  • DCA Live’s 2021 list of Red Hot Cyber Companies. This is the 4th consecutive year that DCA Live has recognized the Washington, DC region’s fastest growing and most exciting cyber security companies. GreyNoise was selected from a very deep pool of great companies nominated by one or more leaders in the Washington tech/high-growth community.
  • SINET16 Innovator Awards selected GreyNoise as one of the 16 most innovative and compelling companies from a pool of hundreds of emerging Cybersecurity companies from all over the world.

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