We had a blast at NetNoiseCon on April 19th and we hope you did too! If you missed out, don't worry - we've got you covered with this recap.

From incredible technical talks to insightful career advice from industry leaders, there was something for everyone. We strongly encourage you to watch each of the talks and soak in the wisdom shared by our stellar lineup of speakers.

Watch the full playlist of NetNoiseCon videos on YouTube here.

Technical Talks & Briefs:

Special Storm⚡️Watch briefing from boB Rudis - GreyNoise’s boB Rudis shares a fun and insightful brief on several active APT groups and the targeting of industrial control systems.

Trashing the Pandas: Analyzing Current Infrastructure Trends and T9000v2 - A Mustang Panda Case Study - This incredible technical talk from floofpwn was a crowd pleaser. Join floofpwn as he analyzes Mustang Panda malware and explores current infrastructure trends. Threat Hunters & Researchers should dig this talk!

Methods of Finding Threat Signals - Proofpoint’s Greg Lesnewich presented his methods for finding signal within the noise, finding anomalies in the data, and how to use layering techniques to find threats.

Vintage Internet Noise - GreyNoise’s Kimber Duke dives into the vintage internet vulnerabilities, many of which are 20+ years old, that still haunt us today.

Out of Touch, Out of Timeline - Making Sense of Temporal Correlation - Jonathan Reiter from Dragos shares his method of time series analysis, leveraging tools like GreyNoise’s timeline of observed activity, to investigate scan and host behavior.

Career Advancement & Advice Talks

Brain skills | functions | AI - Santiago Holley, VP of Threat Management at Redtrace Technologies, shares his thoughts on the strengths of AI and the inherent strengths of humans and how our brains work - and how we can bring those two together.

Stress, Mindfulness, & Mental Health in Cybersecurity - Matt Johansen, writer of the Vulnerable U Newsletter, explores the particular challenges and stresses that many in cybersecurity face, and how to deal with them. This is a fantastic honest look at our work in InfoSec and the struggles that many have with mental health.

How I Got Into CyberSecurity - GreyNoise Ambassador Joseph McDonagh shares his unorthodox career path from the military into cybersecurity. At the end, Joseph also shares how he uses GreyNoise “backwards” and leverages Splunk.


Huge thanks to all of our speakers - we really appreciate their time and insight.Also - Thank you to everyone who tuned in and joined us live at NetNoiseCon, we had a blast!

We will bring NetNoiseCon back later this year, so stay tuned for more news about the next event. In the mean time, join us on Discord and say Hi!

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