The Real Time and Money Savings of Using GreyNoise

Figuring out if a security product is right for you is hard. Beyond the technical problem it solves, you have to make a business case for why those with purchasing power in your company should buy your favorite security tool vs. putting the money to another use. Most of the time, the rationale is “Gartner says it’s cool” or check out this testimonial that is definitely not from the company’s CEO’s cousin. We wanted to take a more data-based approach, which is the inspiration for creating our ROI calculator.

To do this, we surveyed our customers, the people that pay us real-life dollars to use GreyNoise, about how our products have been used in their day-to-day work. We asked about their company: how big it is, what sort of security team they have, what sort of work they do, and the number and average time of investigations. We also asked about GreyNoise’s impact, how often it is helpful in an investigation/project, how much time it saves, threats found, IP coverage, efficiency gain, etc.

A screenshot of the new GreyNoise ROI Calculator.
A screenshot of the new GreyNoise ROI Calculator.

From aggregating this data and segmenting it by the size of the company and type of work, we’re able to use real customer insights to give you an expectation of what GreyNoise’s value to your company could be. We know you love GreyNoise, and we hope this proves helpful when advocating to get the tooling you need to do your job effectively!

Try our new ROI Calculator and see how much GreyNoise could save your organization.

Not yet familiar with GreyNoise? We collect, analyze and label data on IPs that scan the internet and saturate your security tools with noise. This unique perspective helps analysts spend less time on irrelevant or harmless activity and more time on targeted and emerging threats.Sign-up for our free plan to see for yourself!