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Andrew Morris // Founder + CEO

 🧠 Book: Memories, Dreams, Reflections | Carl Jung

 ⚖️ Audio Book: Oath and Honor | Liz Cheney

TL;DR: Never thought I’d read a book by Liz Cheney, but here I am. 

Bob Rudis // VP Data Science & Research

🫧 Article: Introducing the Data Cleaning Day | Madeline Spinks 

TL;DR: The team learned valuable lessons from the experience, such as the satisfaction of decluttering, discovering tech issues with file sharing, and improving version control. They recommend planning the event well in advance, involving team members in identifying priorities, and considering including training elements for better file management.

💰 Article: New Ransomware Reporting Requirements Kick in as Victims Increasingly Avoid Paying | Coveware

TL;DR: Coveware's new report discusses the ongoing debate surrounding ransomware payment bans and their effectiveness

Nick Roy // Director Sales Engineering 

🔎 Article: Analyzing Honeypot Data with Sentinel | Martin Rothe

Why I like it: Now that we have a new Sentinel integration, I've been using it more and more (sorry Splunk!). One of the first things that I needed to do was get some data in to learn how to actually write a KQL query instead of just copying and pasting and hoping that it works. I've been using this blog by Martin Rothe to get honeypot and Suricate data into Sentinel to start building out some pretty slick dashboards.

Cesar Lara // Sales Development Manager

💼 Podcast: Business Wars | David Brown

Why I like it: Business Wars is an entertaining and informative storytelling of the historical milestones of two corporations competing with each other. I love it for long car rides especially. They have covered a VARIETY of wars. They range from things like “Nintendo vs. Sega vs. Microsoft”, “Starbucks vs. Dunkin” , “Covid Vaccine Wars” and “Crypto Wars”

Martin Awabdeh // Sr Associate, Growth

👟 Audio Book: Shoe Dog | Phil Knight

Why I liked it: Listened to this audiobook on my morning walks. The challenges that Nike faced, the great team that Phil built, and the singular focus and determination he had in the early days of Nike resulted in a captivating and entertaining read.

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