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Bob Rudis // VP Data Science & Research

⚡  Book Series: CyberStorm | Matthew Mather 

TLDR: The premise is to demonstrate the catastrophic consequences of cyber warfare in a modern-day, fictional setting. The series starts with "CyberStorm," and is centered around a blizzard that's compounded by a cyber attack. Mather uses it to explore the fragility of urban life when faced with the breakdown of logistical systems and the ensuing chaos that disrupts the fabric of civilization.

In "CyberSpace," the story picks up six years after the events of "CyberStorm," with the original protagonist reuniting with old friends amidst rising international tensions and a new wave of satellite destruction that cripples global communication. "CyberWar" concludes the series with a depiction of the world's militaries struggling to cope with the aftermath of a Chechen separatist attack that has decimated thousands of satellites, leading to widespread power and communication failures. It does require some suspension of disbelief, but it's not "farcical" and would likely be a good read for cyber folk. The narration in the audiobooks is 👍

Abigail Whidden // VP Sales

🤬  Book: Plunder: Private Equity's Plan to Pillage America | Brendan Ballou

Thoughts: If you ever wonder why everything's fucked in Housing, Healthcare, Retail, Prisons, Income Inequity- this book will shine a light on the people screwing up America and how the government made it easy for them. They gobbled up your houses and affordable/quality healthcare, and now they're trying to get their grimy paws on your 401K (I'm feeling...angry but informed). [ Editor was told not to remove profanity, that’s how worked up this book has gotten her] 

Guillermo Menjivar // VP Engineering

🚂  Book: Staff Engineer: Leadership Beyond the Management Track | Will Larson

Thoughts: I Love Will Larson's insight. He has given so much insight into how effective Engineering organizations should run. Staff Engineer focuses on the technical leadership career track.

📚  Book: Management of Organizational Behavior Leading Human Resources | Paul Hersey

Why I like it: If you ever thought that "good management" is just a "gift" or something people just get. This "textbook" (Yes, I read textbooks for fun 🤓) breaks down mgmt into system-level constructs. One of the best books I have read in a long time. 

Brianna Cluck // Researcher

🎵  Book: The Women in Me | Britney Spears 

Why I like it: I've always felt like there was more to her story than what I saw on the news, and it turns out that was true in ways that make me want to drop kick half the music industry into the sun.

💥  Podcast: Smashing Security | Graham Cluley + Carole Theriault

Why I like it: I make it a point to listen to Smashing Security. It's equal parts useful security news and funny quips. 

🕵️  Book: Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear + Book: OSINT Techniques: Resources for Uncovering Online Information | Michael Bazzell

Why I like it: I am reading both of these books at the same time, I like to play both sides, so I always end up on top. These books are great if you want to feel just a little bit paranoid

Ronnie Villarini // Senior Software Engineer

🥸 Book: The Imposter's Handbook | Rob Conery

Why I like it: As a college dropout and "self-taught" dev, I've always felt like a bit of an outsider when folks start talking about computer science topics. This has been filling in those gaps in a really approachable way that I feel will make me a better engineer in the end.

🕶️  Podcast: Darknet Diaries | Jack Rhysider

Why I like it: Continuously binging this podcast, which probably doesn't need an explanation to anyone who's going to be reading this lol. 

Sam Houston // Senior Community Manager

💰 Podcast: BG2 Pod // Ep2 | Bill Gurley + Brad Gerstner 

Why I like it: If you're interested in the tech market and enjoy financial analysis from insiders, check out this new podcast from VC investors Bill Gurley & Brad Gerstner. I'll shoutout the episode with Box's CEO/cofounder Aaron Levie as especially interesting and entertaining. 

Derek Athy // Regional Sales Manager

🔬 Book: Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow | Yuval Noah Harari

Thoughts: My former genetic engineering self revels in Sapiens’ ending on essentially the intro of RNAi and CRISPR into the realm of medicine, Homo Deus is more on the “what’s going to happen next” for humans with the continued advancement of technology (not just medicine). 

(Bonus Article: in case anyone wants to nerd out on those RNAi days of mine when my friends referred to me as the “Lord of the Flies.”)

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