OpenAI ChatGPT has recently released a new feature that allows for plugins to fetch live data from various providers. This feature has been designed with "safety as a core design principle", which means that the OpenAI team has taken steps to ensure that the data being accessed is secure and private.

However, there are some concerns about the security of the example code provided by OpenAI for developers who want to integrate their plugins with the new feature. Specifically, the code examples utilize a docker image for MinIO RELEASE.2022-03-17. This version of MinIO is vulnerable to CVE-2023-28432, which is a security vulnerability resulting in information disclosure of all environment variables, including MINIO_SECRET_KEY and MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD.

While we have no information suggesting that any specific actor is targeting ChatGPT example instances, we have observed this vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild. When attackers attempt mass-identification and mass-exploitation of vulnerable services, “everything” is in scope, including any deployed ChatGPT plugins that utilize this outdated version of MinIO.

To avoid any potential data breaches, it is recommended that users upgrade to a patched version of MinIO (RELEASE.2023-03-20T20-16-18Z) and integrate security tooling such as docker-cli-scan or use Github’s built-in monitoring for supply chain vulnerabilities, which already contains a record referencing this vulnerability.

GreyNoise has posted an issue to the affected OpenAPI GitHub project to help ensure this weakness gets addressed as soon as possible.

While the new feature released by OpenAI is a valuable tool for developers who want to access live data from various providers in their ChatGPT integration, security should remain a core design principle.

Text of a chat with ChatGPT where we ask it about the vulnerability explained in the post.

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