GreyNoise <3s Developers

Love our visualizer, but want to integrate GreyNoise into a product or automate with a custom script? GreyNoise provides a comprehensive set of APIs for both our community and commercial customers, plus a supported Python SDK to streamline development.

Key API use cases

Before you get coding, check out our integrations - we support many of these use cases with your security tools out of the box!

Automated alert enrichment in SIEM & SOAR

Automate lookup of IP addresses in your SIEM and SOAR alerts to identify sources of ‘noise’ (such as benign scanners, or common business services). With GreyNoise, you can deprioritize benign activity and make decisions faster.

Patch prioritization in your VM and Attack Surface Management solutions

Don’t know what vulns to prioritize patching? Pull in GreyNoise tag and trend data into your VM solutions to understand which vulnerabilities are actively being exploited, so you can remediate more effectively.

Automated log enrichment in threat hunting and incident response

Digging through a bunch of logs and artifacts, and not sure where the malicious behavior might be? Use GreyNoise to automatically annotate common business activity and scan activity, so you can hone in on the targeted threats faster.

Supported features

Community API

Enterprise API

On-Premise API

IP Lookup
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with limited metadata
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Supports high volume
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IP Context
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IP Similarity
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IP Timeline
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Tag Metadata
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Check out what our community and partners have built with our API.

GreyNoise wants to make it as easy as possible to integrate into your favorite security tools. Check out the list of tools with integrations today, but we are always looking to expand.


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