“If we had budget cuts we’d turn off someone else in favor of GreyNoise. We could not get the same answers in the same time elsewhere.”

– Director of Cyber Operations at 5,001-10,000 employee company

Many traditional threat intelligence solutions used by MSSPs can have an unintended consequence of creating more noise for your security operations center (SOC) – GreyNoise changes that. We collect and analyze internet wide scan and attack traffic, and label noisy IPs and network activity (whether it's common business services, or scanners crawling/exploiting the internet) to help SOC teams spend less time on irrelevant or harmless activity, and more time on targeted and emerging threats.

GreyNoise integrates seamlessly into over 50 different security tools, eliminating the need for security professionals to adapt to new dashboards, switch between multiple platforms, or navigate additional graphical user interfaces. This enables MSSPs to materially improve their security operations and workflows, often saving them hours of analyst time per week and upwards of 25% on costs.

In our last post, we introduced three critical ways MSSP and MDR customers benefit from GreyNoise: 1) reduce costs 2) improve scalability and 3) beat the adversary. 

In this post, we will take a deeper look at exactly HOW existing GreyNoise MSSP customers are realizing these benefits.

1. Reduce Costs

As threat landscapes evolve, so does the cost of staying ahead. More security alerts often result in a need for more headcount, and when MSSPs are already operating on narrow margins – this becomes quite the challenge.  

Over at Ideal Integrations, a well-known regional MSSP, they faced two costly challenges:

  1. An expensive alert problem: The sheer volume of security alerts their teams were ingesting was overwhelming, compounded by a high rate of false positives – all of which was costing them time, money, and quality of service.
  1. Difficulty in IP investigations: Understanding an IP address and its relation to broader threat patterns is crucial – and their existing tooling was not providing this level of trusted, reliable context fast, causing an overall inefficient analyst workflow and a drain on resources.

By integrating GreyNoise into Swimlane, their Security Orchestration, Automation & Response platform (SOAR), the Ideal Integrations team was now able to take each alert, ask GreyNoise (via API) for a temperature check on that IP Address, and immediately enrich it with GreyNoise-provided context – enabling a trusted, reliable verdict quickly. With the decision and reasoning directly available in their alert systems, the analysts no longer needed to bounce between different platforms to collate results, streamlining the incident response process. 

“We used to take around 15 - 45 minutes to investigate each event to find out if the intelligence was accurate, and finally make a determination as to a verdict. That is time we now save with GreyNoise, per event, and it adds up very quickly to help justify any expense. It allowed us to pivot our efforts to higher level tasks, and saved us from having to hire exponentially more analysts just to keep up with the inbound events.” 
— VP of Security Services, Ideal Integrations

2. Improve Scalability

In today's market, scaling is not enough. For MSSPs in particular, it is all about scaling sustainably – growing your customer base without increasing your costs.

Hurricane Labs, a leading Splunk MSSP shop, had brought together a team of Splunk ninjas who were second-to-none in managing the Enterprise Security and Phantom deployments on behalf of their customers. However, as they added more detections and new customers, they naturally saw their alert volumes grow.

To enrich and filter out noisy alerts in both Splunk and Phantom, Hurricane Labs installed the GreyNoise integration into their customers’ Splunk environments and added it to the workflows for various detections. The logic was straightforward: if something in the search results matched GreyNoise, exclude. 

For a normal enterprise business, the SOC manager has a couple of choices to handle alerts: he or she can hire a person, or spend money on a product that improves alert quality. But for an MSSP, the margins are often paper thin – and that’s where GreyNoise is even more valuable.

“Any single analyst can handle, say, 20 alerts per day. But a product like GreyNoise can triage alerts for every one of our customers. So as we add more customers, GreyNoise scales in a way a person can’t.”
— Director of Managed Services, Hurricane Labs

3. Beat the Adversary

The adversary is evolving its tactics and techniques faster than ever, making it critical for MSSPs and MDRs to have sufficient tooling and insights to stay ahead. One part of this equation is the need for explainability and context paired with threat intelligence, and the other is visibility into emerging vulnerabilities and associated attack vectors – especially with “vulnerability exploit” now cited as a top attack vector (Verizon DBIR).

MSSPs like Layer 3 Communications & Ideal Integrations leverage GreyNoise data to help them prioritize threats and vulnerabilities based on the absence or presence of “in the wild” exploitation. During the height of vulnerability events, GreyNoise also serves critical in providing customers with the “most comprehensive set of intelligence” through high fidelity blocklists. Organizations can prevent noisy scanners from hitting their perimeter from the onset, effectively shutting them out, and giving themselves time to patch when there is an emerging exploit.  This allows GreyNoise MSSP and MDR customers to tighten the window of opportunity for attackers and ultimately improve the overall security posture of their end clients.


With a unique suite of tools and insights, GreyNoise is truly an opportunity for every MSSP and MDR to transform their offerings with a threat intelligence solution that pays for itself.

That is why we are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar, "Alerts, Automation, & Analysts: How MSSPs Can Leverage Automation to Reduce Alerts & Maximize their Analysts." This webinar will feature an expert panel of MSSP & MDR leaders from real GreyNoise customers, providing valuable insights and strategies. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts real-time, and see how GreyNoise is shaping the future of sustainable, scalable and innovative cybersecurity service delivery.

Webinar Event for Alerts, Automation, & Analysts: How MSSPs Can Leverage Automation to Reduce Alerts & Maximize their Analysts.
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