Automated threat hunting and detection for threat intelligence analysts.

Improve your threat hunting efficiency with GreyNoise.
Simply find out if emerging threats are just targeting you or if they're opportunistically exploiting parts of the internet.

Suppress internet noise with advanced threat analysis.

We collect, analyze, and label data on IPs that scan the internet and saturate security tools with internet noise. As a result, we help analysts spend less time on irrelevant activity and more time on targeted, emerging threats.

Vulnerability and threat intelligence insights

GreyNoise helps threat hunters and intelligence analysts with visibility and context into mass scanning IP addresses. Our sensors and data sources identify an attacker's early-stage attack infrastructure which enable threat hunters to respond with an early-stage attack infrastructure as threats emerge.

A screenshot of the IP Details page in the GreyNoise Visualizer (

Improve your threat intelligence management.

Uncover patterns in attack telemetry.

Enable threat hunters to discover anomalous patterns in the the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to uncover adversary campaigns and infrastructure.

Enrich indicators of compromise (IOCs) at speed.

Dive deeper into IOCs with our Analysis tool to speed up the investigation timeline.

Reduce Noise in SIEM or NetFlow searches.

Find the needle in the NetFlow haystack. Slash investigation time by enriching NetFlow datasets with GreyNoise to segment and categorize interesting IPs.

Using attack telemetry for threat hunting.

Differentiate real threats from internet noise.

Manual IP lookup in the GreyNoise Visualizer.

The GreyNoise Query Language (GNQL) provides users with a powerful threat analysis tool. Search the GreyNoise data set to find emerging threats, identify compromised devices, and examine other interesting trends. This is a FREE tool! Click to explore our data.

Enrich Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs).

GreyNoise’s integrations can offer more context to how you manage threats in your intelligence platforms. Enrich your threat intelligence feeds with behavioral data of specific IP addresses to help you prioritize threats by their severity and rapidly eliminate false positives. 

Make the data actionable with SIEM/ SOAR.

Threat feeds enriched in a TIP can be fed into a SIEM to enrich logs, provide further hunting, or easily filter out events generated by mass scanning. Automate threat hunting further via a SOAR platform by quickly searching for indicators provided by GreyNoise to save you valuable time. 

Robust threat intelligence doesn't exist in a vacuum.

IP’s observed by the GreyNoise sensor network are enriched with additional information sources. GreyNoise participates with information sharing organizations and contributes data to strategic partnerships in an effort to provide and receive information on emerging threats as soon as they come into play.

Check out this demo showing how to use GreyNoise for threat hunting.

Unmask real adversaries and stop chasing ghosts with mission-focused threat hunting tools.