GreyNoise Integrations

Beyond our excellent visualizer and search tools, GreyNoise’s team and community have worked tirelessly to make our product work with tools you already use. Whether it’s a SIEM, OSINT, SOAR, or a host of other types of tools, GreyNoise can provide the context you need to empower your security team.

GreyNoise integrates with many products with both the Community and Enterprise API. See our Integrations page for a list and links to how to get started.

For Partners and Security Vendors: Why Integrate With GreyNoise?

GreyNoise is a unique solution in the threat intelligence space, providing data that helps customers make faster decisions about what to rule out and deprioritize, and timely intelligence on exploitation activity of vulnerabilities. Over 30,000 users use GreyNoise today. 

Here are some example use cases and benefits for joint customers:

For SIEM & XDR Vendors

GreyNoise can enrich alerts, logs, and reduce ‘noise’ being processed by your solution, delivering better performance and more reliable analysis for your customers.

For SOAR Vendors:

Many GreyNoise customers make GreyNoise enrichment a key step in their SOAR workflows for alert investigation.

For TIP Vendors:

Threat Intelligence and Detection Engineering teams use GreyNoise to filter out noisy indicators of compromise from their other threat intelligence feeds in their TIP, and use it to support decision making in detection rules. 

For Perimeter Security Solutions:

GreyNoise provides accurate and timely blocklists for internet mass exploitation, giving your customers a quieter perimeter and time to patch against emerging threats.

For Vulnerability Management Solutions:

We provide actionable and reliable insights on what is actually being exploited in the wild. Adding GreyNoise data into your scoring and prioritization model can help your customers effectively prioritize patching. 


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