GreyNoise plans and pricing

GreyNoise offers a range of plans tailored to the needs of security analysts and SOC teams – compare product features to figure out which plan is right for you.


GreyNoise Community is a free resource for quickly identifying noisy scanners and opportunistic attacks.
The "go-to" tool for security analysts:
Quickly triage security alerts via IP lookups
Access data via web and API
Free individual user plan
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GreyNoise Investigate allows security teams to identify, prioritize and block emerging threats.
Starts at
Defend against emerging threats:
Research security incidents with rich context
Monitor IP blocks for scanning activity
Analyze logs and lists of IPs in seconds
Identify and block internet attacks targeting specific CVEs
Answer complex security questions with advanced queries
Access data via web and API
Includes all Community plan features
Team plan for multiple users
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GreyNoise Automate allows security operations teams to reduce noisy alerts and free up analyst time.
Starts at
Increase SOC capacity:
Enrich high volumes of IP addresses to reduce noisy alerts
Unlimited security tool integrations
Access data via API
Automation plan for security tools
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