GreyNoise Automate

Increase SOC capacity

The GreyNoise Automate plan helps SOC teams reduce the time they spend on harmless or irrelevant events, saving analyst time and increasing SOC capacity 20–40%.
Increase SOC capacity
Automatically suppress noisy alerts

Automatically suppress noisy security alerts

Reduce noisy alerts and false positives triggered by harmless internet scanners:
Automatically de-prioritize noisy alerts in your SIEM
Automate workflows and prioritize incident response in your SOAR
Filter out false positives in your TIP or threat intelligence repository

Accelerate research and investigations

Triage alerts quickly and easily with the GreyNoise Visualizer web UI:
Lookup an IP to understand whether it is malicious or benign
Get detailed context on IP behavior and intent
Quickly analyze a file or list of IPs to identify the noise
Query the GreyNoise data for complex criteria
Accelerate research and investigations
Security tools and integrations

GreyNoise fits into your security infrastructure

Increase the value you get from your security tools with GreyNoise turnkey integrations:
Analyst tools

Is this plan right for me?

GreyNoise Automate allows security operations teams to reduce noisy alerts and free up analyst time.
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25% alert reduction

25% alert reduction

“GreyNoise has allowed us to reduce the volume of alerts that are triggered by 25% - which makes for a happier and more effective SOC team.”
— Steve McMaster, Director of Managed Services, Hurricane Labs