Sovereign Intelligence

Sovereign Intelligence

What It Is

Built atop Edge Intelligence, Sovereign Intelligence equips nation-states, national agencies, and other global-scale organizations facing unique opportunistic and targeted geopolitical threats with the full benefit of tailored GreyNoise Intelligence services, with managed sensor deployment, custom personas, dedicated AI/ML analysis, reporting, and security consulting services.

Who It Is For

Nation-states, national agencies, and global-scale infrastructure and technology organizations who face advanced, sophisticated threat actors.

What's Included

GreyNoise’s AI/ML capability, Sift, analyzes nation-specific data to identify targeted attacks and unique threats

GreyNoise cybersecurity consultants provide an ongoing engagement to identify security value and deliver strategic outcomes

GreyNoise teams customize personas to bait attackers targeting specific critical assets or valuable national services

Sovereign Intelligence includes sensor fleet management services, allowing customers to direct observations as needed

What Can I Add?

Sovereign Intelligence is made available through a custom Statement of Work. Additional capabilities can be negotiated with our cybersecurity experts.

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