GreyNoise Investigate

Defend against emerging threats

The GreyNoise Investigate plan helps security analysts identify and respond to opportunistic “scan-and-exploit” attacks.
Defend against emerging threats
Quickly triage alerts

Quickly triage alerts based on malicious, benign, or targeted classifications

Get the context you need to quickly identify threats and prioritize alerts:
Identify IPs of opportunistic “scan-and-exploit” attackers
Identify IPs of benign scanners and harmless business services
Identify IPs of non-scanners that might be targeted attacks
Prioritize malicious, harmless, and potentially targeted IPs in a list or log

Identify trending internet attacks targeting specific vulnerabilities and CVEs

Identify and prioritize the scope of threat activity relevant to your attack surface:
Identify unique IPs scanning for a specific CVE, vulnerability, or exploit
Classify IPs scanning for a vulnerability based on intent (benign vs. malicious)
View scan and attack activity for a vulnerability over time
View key events in the exploit timeline, like “CVE released,” “Patch released”
Identify trending internet attacks
Give your team the info they need

Give your team the info they need to react quickly to trending attacks

Get the IP data and context you need to block opportunistic attacks and hunt for compromises:
Download IP addresses of malicious and benign scanners participating in the attack
Block scanners at your perimeter to stop further compromises
Hunt for compromised devices by searching logs for scanner and callback IPs
Analyze payloads and callback domains of opportunistic attackers

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GreyNoise Investigate allows security teams to identify, prioritize and block emerging threats.
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20% productivity improvement

“Our analysts estimate that they are saving 8 hours a week each using your tool, largely in a manual fashion for now. The false positive reduction has proved to be invaluable to us.”